Sunday, 15 April 2018

Dungeon: the Fulgurite Pillars

My first posted dungeon! It shall not be the last.

Player o'mine: obviously, shove off. This one ain't FOR you!

I designed this as a hexcrawl feature for my players exploring the isle of dread. They came across a crater, and were wondering what made it. I had a vague idea, so I fleshed this out quickly before the next week's session. I originally ran it with just the drawing, no text. The notes are supposed to be short & usable at the table. I may do up an appendix later detailing more about the Glass Star and the crater, but...
I didn't include rules for radiation, but I'd use the one where exposure basically gives you -1 natural healing, permanently, plus Skeples supernatural mutation table if things get real bad. I can't remember where I got the -1 rule, someone let me know so I can link to it :)

Because some of the areas are kinda hard to describe, I found it useful to just show the map, with the as-yet unexplored areas covered. So here's a text-free version of the above image:

And here's another reference photo of fulgurite: what it looks like inside the dungeon. I imagine those walls are pretty difficult to climb.

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