Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Thief of Five Fates

The 5e warlock invocation, 'Thief of Five Fates.' Its such a cool name for an ability, but it's just... not that great. It doesn't live up to my expecations, you know?

So I rewrote it. It's based on the predicting dice mechanic that the Divination School wizard has, which is one of my favourite underutilized ideas in 5e. It's definitely overpowered, but I haven't decided where to put it or what to do with it, so that's ok.

Probably what I'd do if someone wanted to use this is have a lower level 'Thief of Three Fates' or even a 'Thief of One Fate' ability, and make the sucker's get the prereqs. But I dunno.

Thief of Five Fates
Like this!
(painting by Randy Berrett)

Five times per day, you may ‘steal’ another character’s d20 roll. Record the result and add it to your pool. You can give them a replacement result from your pool, or just let them roll a new d20 to replace the one you stole. Whenever you roll a d20 for a save, ability check, or attack, you may replace the result with a roll from your pool. Using a number from your pool for either of these purposes removes it from your pool.

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