Saturday, 17 February 2018

Three 5e Spells

Three little spells I found in my campaign notebook. I was trying to come up with more interesting teleportation and travel spell, and threw the pseudo-invisibility in there while I was at it. Special thanks to Goblin Punch for the idea for the Warp Distance spell.

2nd-level enchantment
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch (special)
Components: S, M
Duration: Concentration
You will not be noticed for the duration of the spell. This functions as a kind of invisibility, but it affects the minds of creatures observing you, deflecting their attention.
Some constructs and mindless undead are immune to this spell and can see you as normal.
The spell extends to actions you perform while protected by the spell. Observers will not notice, and will not remember, even abnormal actions & behaviours. No save is allowed, unless the nondescript character draws more attention to themselves.
Bizarre actions may be remembered dimly, if prompted, but are not seen as important at the time. A successful Charisma saving throw allows for the memory to be saved, otherwise the bizarre activity is not noted in the first place.
Truly disruptive actions, such as attacking a guest at a dinner party, screaming loudly, or being the only person walking through a guarded door, automatically cause the spell to fail, for that observer only. Walking through a doorway behind another guard, however, would not cause the spell to fail.
Overt actions which observers nonetheless seen as normal, such as violence on a battlefield, allow observers of the behaviour a Charisma saving throw to end the effect, for themselves only.
At higher levels: the caster may target one additional target for each spell level above 2nd that this is cast at.

Seven-League Step
3rd-level Conjuration
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch (special)
Components: S, M (a pair of sturdy boots, worth at least 10sp/ level of the spell, which are mostly worn out by the end of the spell)
Duration: Instantaneous; Concentration (wearer of the boots)
You touch a pair of boots, either unworn, or worn by a willing creature. The boots are temporarily enchanted with powerful travelling magic.
When any character wearing the boots takes a long step (as part of a move action), they instead teleport seven leagues (around 21 miles) in the direction they are facing. The character arrives suddenly, with a woosh, and the magic on the boots is expended.
While the boots are enchanted, the wearer cannot take steps normally without triggering the spell, although they can take very small steps and shuffle around. Their movement speed is halved, and they cannot take the Dash action.
If the character is unfamiliar with the location, the boots try to set them down on the nearest solid, unobstructed ground, provided one is nearby. They prefer to deposit the character outside. If the character knows the area they are headed, they can aim roughly. The boots tend to set the user down in notable locations: the town square instead of boring side street, a crossroads, etc, but they’re not picky. Under no circumstances can the character move less than seven leagues with a casting of the spell.
At higher levels: For each level above 3rd, the boots continue to function for one more use. The character wearing the boots cannot end the effect early, unless they take off the boots.

Warp Distance
2nd-level Conjuration
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch (special)
Components: S, M, V
Duration: Instantaneous; Concentration (wearer of the boots)

Teleports the caster, and creatures touching the caster, away from their present location.
The caster chooses the direction and distance, which can be up to 1 mile/caster level. Those teleported arrive scattered within a mile of each other. Each person has a 1-in-6 chance of arriving 1d6*1d6 hours later, with no perception of the lost time.

 Each creature teleported in this way has a 50% chance of losing a random item, which remains behind when they teleport.

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