Sunday, 25 February 2018

Worlds of Creation II

The Otherworlds

The Blind Eternity

The space between spaces
The Eternity is not so much a plane or a place as it is a concept- a mathematical certainty, binding together all places. It is infinite, a place without a place, no beginning or end. Two objects within the Blind Eternity can never touch, for any distance is an infinite distance. Powerful magic can use Eternity to travel instantly across the multiverse, stepping out of one realm into Blindness, and allowing themselves to be pulled into being again pulled by the insistence of another world.

Legends say that the Blind Eternity itself is home to life- strange and alien though it may be. Indeed, the humanoids known as the Gith-yan-ki are known to have retreated there, although what substance their refuge takes, none can say.

The Land of Anwwn

Beyond the Veil
Anwwn is the land of the dead, the land of the fairies, the land beneath the hill. It is an eternal realm, a clock that determines the hour to be tolled, and does not wait to be told the hour. The Raksha, and their descendants, reside here, in endless revelry, and they promise immortality to those who forget their lives and join them under the hill.

The Land of Nod

Through the Looking-Glass
Nod is the most common realm frequented by mortals, for each of them travels their whilst they dream. Built of layers upon layers of accumulated dreamstuff, a reflection of the mass hallucination of humanity. Scholars argue whether dreamers produce the substance of the plane, or merely shape a dimension that was already there.

The Land of Xibalba

The City at the Edge of the Pit
Beneath the river of souls, sitting at the mouth of the underworld, is a city. Built into the lip of the chasm, it teeters always on the knifes blade of destruction, it's endless flood of refuges from the blighted lands of life pouring always into it's halls, seeking solace from the endless dark that calls from beyond the walls. The city acts as a net for lost souls, the last stop of desperation before Oblivion.

The Void
The final certainty

The Void is negation, destruction. Where Blind Eternity is infinite, the void is zero. It is the vacuum that eats at matter, mind, and magic. It is the dissolution of all stasis, except the final equilibrium of nothingness. It is the black pit beneath every traveler's footstep, the crack in every wall. It pulls the realities out of the unending formlessness of Eternity, and with each tear and break and omission, gives shape and form and meaning to the multiverse- and then casts that meaning down into dust.

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