Saturday, 24 July 2021

Four Riddles

Lots of inspiration made me want to write this post for a long time. Riddles take time for me to write! The answers, of course, are hidden as white text on a white background: highlight them and they shall appear!

Players in my games, don't spoil these riddles for yourselves! I promise you'll encounter them all eventually ;)

As long as my jailors live, so do I
If they choose to set me free, then I die
a secret

I dream of the day I'm so tall
I tower over the world
All winter I slumber
In lightless cell curled
a seed

I am a painter
Although my fingers are stiff as daggers
Strong enough to break rock
I paint delicately
Soft enough to trace a dandelion clock
So quiet I can paint your whole house
Without you hearing the swish of my brush.
But be quick if you want to see my work!
A jealous rival scours it all away.
Ice, frost (jack frost)

I am a dancer,
Getting faster and faster
My partner doesn't move her feet
She sashays so sweet
Her dress is of colours bright as the day
But my suit is grey
I strive to get close to her
Although her touch is the finisher
of both myself and my dance
A moth and a candle

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